Saturday, October 6, 2007

Hot, sticky, and horrible..

76 degrees Fahrenheit, high humidity, equals not good convention day for un-air-conditioned building. hundreds of soft, meaty bodies shuffling around, creating more heat, MORE! Also didn't sell crap. hopefully tomorrow will be cooler and sell-ier.
Finished this yesterday night, got new brushpens that are crazy thin, need to redesign that war-bonnet. shiny pants!

Dog-show D&D!!! also redesign of the war-bonnet, tres-chic no?

beam shooty super-future exterminator, has cool pylons in feet and hands for stable shooting of charged lazors. Also little sketches of Fred and Jeff for their cameo in the next Strange Ranger!


gwion1203 said...

Hoo-RAY! for D&D Dog Show!

(Taking a moment to add that when the war bonnet goes into mass production, I'd like to be the first to have one.)

Also? Thanks for the hat with misspelled wizard on it. You made my day!

gwion1203 said...

Oh I forgot to add ... sweet bear suit. I need me one of those for work. "You want me to look up WHAT? I'm a Bear goddammit! What do I know of plumbing, anyway? Ever heard the phrase: "Does a bear s--- in the- ... yeah. That one."

Glad you liked BB Gun. But is it stuck in your head? That happened to me for a few days. It was great for when my co-workers were being whiny.